The Tax Union Crone

This is gonna be a long one.

And there Might even be one or few rants along the way.

I know you love it, so let’s get crackin’.

Brief context: I read an article recently about a Union Chief who advocates for more taxes, with the intention of taxing the rich. Because ‘being rich is bad.’

Yeah, this evil witch is truly a piece of work.

I am referring to some politician who masks as a ‘loving, warm and caring’ person who really works hard for the ‘rights of workers’, for ‘equal pay for equal jobs’ and the like. You know the standard communist answer on the left hand side of politics. The sort of person you know is lying. A Wolf in sheep’s clothing. People who say they are good, but are really evil on the inside.

Before I proceed, let me just admit this article became way more political than I first intended it to be.

But, whatever.

I do not care.

What I do care more about is the number of otherwise successful and smart people who actually devote their time and energy to this ménagerie.

Take it for what is is.

A charade.

At best.

Actually, let me corrext myself. I think it’s more like a stand up comedy show.

Because, this is how I view the news media and all its bafoonery. Especially the so-called ‘serious’ articles and news outlets who pretend they do not spread gossip. Because, they really do. Only they do not gossip and lie about celebrities and sports starts. Instead, they hammer down politicians with glowing hot nails. And, no matter if you agree or disagree with anything the media tells you to, how in the World will it help your life?

Will you get more money and more success?

Will you get your Dream job?

Will you get more girls or become ‘The Alpha Male’ in your environment by paying attention to what the news media and the person being portrayed, tell you?

Of course not.

Now, that doesn’t mean I am pro taxes.

Nor do I like the person in the article.

But, unlike so many other people who call themselves ‘hustlers’ and ‘entrepreneurs’ who on Twitter and other social media share updates of stupid news articles, comment on politics and mock and ridicule the experts, I go in the opposite direction. That is, I hardly share news articles for you to scoff at. Instead, I point out how others who aspire to excellence waste their most precious assets; their time and energy on nonsense, and then encourage you do to do the inverse.

Read the above paragraph again.

Teaching by proxy.

And with that being said, should you need some more education on how to properly apply your time and energy, and find out who in your life is a soul-sucking Energy Vampire, just let me know and I am happy to offer you some in-depth education on this matter.

Yes this education is paid for [But there Might be slight changes to this – stay tuned.]

We can start with the basics. If you are interested, sign up for my email list by following the link in my bio.



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