‘This hemp oil knocks out my pain in 5 minutes’

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readMay 16, 2020


Such is the word from someone who’s been using CBD oil for their cervical anterior fusion.

Now, I’m no medical expert, nor am I a medical professional, but a cervical anterior fusion is a type of surgery where a herniated disc is removed from someone’s spine because it either hurts, is dislocated or is the root cause of something else. Not only that, but in addition to removing the disc, the surgeons have to insert an implant or do a bone graft so that the spine appropriately heals.

Now, ‘appropriate healing’ in this sense doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to get well overnight.

In fact, in many cases, people who undergo such a surgery face challenges after the surgery itself.

It’s for example normal to experience ‘pain that moves around’. What I mean by that is that in a lot of cases, people who have undergone this surgery don’t experience pain in their disc or in the area where the procedure was carried out.

Instead, it’s normal to experience pain in the shoulders and upper back because of the fusion which alters a lot of the muscles’ biomechanics.

Now, this can be quite understandable.

But, that’s not all.

What a lot of people also experience is arm pain and arm tingling. Which means that doing physical labor is a lot tougher to carry out than what most people think.

However, we’re not done yet.

Constipation is another problem. Yes, I’m talking about the kind of condition that is very inconvenient to have, very embarrassing and that may be the root cause of a lot of awkward situation. Yet this procedure may a lot of times affect your bowel movements, so better sack up.

Other issues include swallowing and speaking. I’m sure that the neck and throat also take a hit when it comes to carrying out essential functions.

Now, in this person’s case, they worked all day and their neck became so tight. Which is understandable, given what they’ve been through. Instead of emptying pill cartridge upon pill cartridge, desperately hoping that the pain will go away, CBD oil takes care of their pain almost instantly.

Please understand that this doesn’t mean it’ll work for you that easy. In fact, I’d say that you should actually expect the opposite. Expect that a simple teaspoon of CBD oil won’t immediately cure your health problems.

Rather expect to be working really hard on getting rid of the problem. Lose weight if you’re fat. Change your diet if you’re not eating correctly (you really know what I mean by eating correctly anyway) and you’ll maybe have to change your lifestyle as well.

What works for you may not work for someone else.

And vice versa.

Look, the reality is that we can never know for sure.

But I’d say that if you’ve been through similar experiences like the person above or have neck and/or back pain, and the thought of remembering to ‘take all your pills’ doesn’t tempt you, then give CBD oil a shot.

After all, you’re the Master of your own Health.