Toilets, stoves and joint inflammation

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readOct 7, 2020


Once I heard a story about a woman who was renting out an apartment to someone I know.

And my acquaintance told me about how she, one day, seemed so conflicted.

‘I feel so depressed….’

She said, visibly frustrated.

You see, the guy I know had just asked her for help to deal with a leaky toilet. After all, he could probably have tried his luck with dealing with the toilet myself, but he wouldn’t pay her rent, only to have the toilet malfunctioning.

Now, I do believe that the landlady’s depression stemmed from several things.

One thing was, the stove in the kitchen didn’t function properly. So, my acquaintance requested that she fix it or replace it.

Second, there had actually been a leakage in the toilet just a couple of months earlier, and now it had started to leak again.

Of course, the new leakage in the toilet happened at the same time as the stove had stopped working. So now, she had two problems to deal with in the apartment.

But that wasn’t the worst thing.

What was worse was that she wasn’t doing so well, health wise.

She’d been seeing a doctor. A specialist of some kind. In another town. She dealt with severe joint inflammation in her right arm.

And now, the left arm had started to give her trouble as well.

What that meant was, she couldn’t lift things anymore. Particularly not heavy things. Nor could she squeeze or pull at things.

Of course, my acquaintance made sure to offer my help to whatever kind of things she needed to get done.

Whether it be taking the trash can down the driveway so that the garbage men could empty it whenever that time came.

Or shove snow during winter so that she could go somewhere with her car.

Even carrying her lawnmower robot back and forth. He made sure to offer my help. And she of course accepted it.

All of a sudden, it made so much more sense him why there was so much noise when people were visiting her. Almost every time, it sounded like they either were moving furniture back and forth, vacuuming and even mopping the floor.

Almost as if she was rearranging her living room every time someone would visit her.

Or, the other explanation could be that she wasn’t able to move big things and to clean herself, so she requested that her friends and family helped her.

And this is the reality for a lot of people who suffer from chronic pain. They’re unable to move big things because they’re in so much pain.

So if they don’t have children or a spouse that can take care of such things, well, they’re in trouble.

To say the least.

Anyway, I don’t know what happened after.

Hopefully, the old lady resolved her issues.

And hopefully, if this applies to you, then you may solve your issues also.

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