US female soccer player’s big secret

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readMay 30, 2020


About five or six times a week I exercise viciously and strenuously.

One of the exercises involves lifting weights above my head, as to train the upper part of the body. Naturally, that means that my arms have to undergo intense physical effort during some painful seconds. Actually, those seconds aren’t, ‘painful’ per se, but they’re uncomfortable. During one of the exercises, it feels like a certain part of my forearms, the muscle tissue, the tendons, the ligaments and the nerve cells are being slowly ripped out of my limb.

A most uncomfortable feeling. It’s like a stinging pain that can be quite intense, but then it soon goes over.

I guess that’s a ‘price’ you have to pay when training and working out.

And I’m more than happy to pay that price as long as it means my body’s in good physical shape.

Now for something that doesn’t sound so pleasant. In fact, it’s quite unpleasant and in many ways, it’s the exact opposite of what I was talking about previously. And that is what a lot of people who have fibromyalgia have to go through as far as limb pain is concerned.

One poor fella said he had ‘aching sore and weak’ and that had been going on for weeks. Another one claimed he had ‘no strength’ in his arms at all, while a third person said they had always had this sort of pain where the ‘left side is the worst with fibro flares’.

In fact, it feels like some sort of a flare is progressing through my arms whenever I work out and I’m doing these strenuous exercises. Like a bolt of slight pain and discomfort is shooting through the muscle tissue. Only thing is, as far as I’m concerned, this is 100% self-imposed and it is for good reasons. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done it. In these other people’s cases, it’s *anything* but self-imposed, and I’m quite sure they’d do just about anything to get rid of their pain.

Now, I won’t lie.

Some days are worse than others, as far as training is concerned. Sometimes it hurts post work-out. For inexplicable reasons I get these intense flares of pain now and then, though it doesn’t happen more than a couple of times a year the most. They last for perhaps 30 seconds or so. Perhaps not even that. I’ve forgotten how it feels like because it’s such a long time ago.

Enter something I read a long time ago.

About a certain female US Soccer star. I forget her name. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is, she supposedly did some good work for the US female soccer team. She may be retired by now, though. Anyway, so this female soccer player always struggled with slight discomfort, joint pain and other issues because of her hectic schedule. I guess she worked out several hours a day. After a while, she started her own CBD oil brand, because she claimed that CBD oil had helped her endure and manage a lot of the pain issues that she had to face throughout her soccer career.

Something to think about if you feel discomfort in your arms, legs or joints.

I all but guarantee she had her fair share of flares as well.

Although they probably weren’t fibro flares.

Whatever the case is, whether you’re a soccer player or not, whether you’re working or not, whether you have fibromyalgia flares or not, CBD oil has helped a great deal of people overcoming their pain issues.

We’re talking about people literally being able to throw away their everyday help tools and utensils so that they actually can start living their lives again. For example, one person was so unlucky that she actually had to support herself as she was sitting up in bed. That’s right. Her back muscles couldn’t do the job on their own, so she had to use some sort of pole, hanger or other device to hold herself in an uptight position so that her back got a little relieved.

Not the easiest kind of life to live, mind you.

Imagine how she felt if she woke up a morning and she couldn’t reach that support device with her hands?

What about traveling? Sleeping in a hotel or elsewhere, devoid of such help utensils?

You can probably picture it yourself.

Anyway, thought I’d let you know.

Now you have a choice. You can either take CBD oil or not. I cannot make that call for you. Only you can.

The only thing I’ll say to you is this:

Don’t let your body down.