Admittedly, this is a little embarrassing.

Actually, it’s very embarrassing, but I’ve been watching some episodes of ‘After Life’ lately. It’s a British show about a crotchety, cranky and sad middle aged man who’s lost his wife to cancer, and how he deals with moving on life after his wife’s death. Or that is, how he does not move on, since all he does is walking his dog, half-assing it at his job as a journalist in a meaningless, unpopular paper that’s close to being shut down.

Now, be that as it may.

I fully understand how someone who loses the love of their life needs a period of sorrow and mourning.

In this fella’s case, it’s been going on for at least a year.

Now, the main character in the show is slowly ruining his own life. And he’s destroying his health.

Partially because he’s overweight and not in the best shape.

Partially because he has a sedentary lifestyle and spends his afternoons and evenings watching old tapes of him and his wife when she was still alive, and misses her.


…mostly because he’s killing his inner spirit, the will to live, the soul, the very meaning of life.

It’s all a void inside him. A black hole.

In other words, he’s suicidal. I don’t think he would mind killing himself if he had the chance.

He’s clearly depressed.

And also, I believe that he’s stressed out because of his depression.

It doesn’t show well in the show, but I’ve seen it plenty of times before. When someone is depressed, they of course are miserable. They feel miserable. And they desperately want to feel better. In fact, they’ll do just anything to feel better. Or that is, they want to feel better, but they don’t want to put in the work. They know that it takes a great deal of leg work, elbow grease and time, as well as patience and disappointment to get over a depression.

And because of that, they’d rather stay depressed, because it feels so much better to just ‘relax and chill’ and blame it all on the depression.

Enter CBD oil.

I’m not saying it will instantly help anyone with depression right away.

(It surely will not cure cancer or bring back the dead).

I’m just saying that a lot of people who’s struggled with anxiety and depression have gotten better after they’ve started consuming CBD oil.

Your mileage may vary. Especially if you’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety issues for years. In fact, I’m going to let you in on a little story about myself. I was depressed for years. Was bullied. Frozen out. Didn’t have any friends. Was socially awkward too, and the bullying only amplified it. It was a nasty circle to get out of.

But I got out because I *chose* to want to get out.

If I’d had CBD oil back then I’d be more than happy to give it a go. Anything to get rid of such horrible emotions.

Irrespective if this is you or not, before you consume CBD oil you *have* to want it.

Now, having said that, if you actually do struggle with depression or anxiety, why not give CBD oil a shot?

It’s not like it’s going to kill you or anything.

Just sayin’…