White Lies

No, not those kinds of lies.

Another, greater lie that’s being avoided, discarded and actually being used against you as we speak.

I’m talking about a killer of human life that’s so deadly, so cunning, so sly and so dangerous, you hardly didn’t think about it. And what’s worse, if you have children, they’re being exposed to it every single day.

I know, because I used to be one of those kids. I used to love revel in that white nightmare that people lust for, and that they can’t get enough of.

Like a drug.

Actually, it *is* a drug. Only, it’s legal and it harms way more people I dare say than both alcohol and narcotics.

Yes, sweetie, I’m talking about something that many would consider an ‘innocent food ingredient’ but that is all but innocent.

Namely sugar.

Here’s some food for thought.

I once spoke with a woman who suffered from various cardiovascular diseases. She couldn’t go swimming in the ocean unless the water was at least 30 degrees centigrade, or 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

In other words, she either had to go to a tropical destination or go swimming in a pool.

Part of the reason why she suffered from those cardiovascular diseases was likely because of her weight. She wasn’t exactly slim. Nor was she obese. However, it’s fair to say that she was overweight.

Guess what she told me!

She said that occasionally, she ate sugar with a spoon from the sugar bag!

That’s right.

Not as part of any unhealthy food.

But as a snack.

Raw, white sugar.

I wonder how her teeth fared. Also her inner organs.

What I don’t wonder about is the fact that that was dangerous, and that she slowly killed herself.

Don’t be like that woman.

Discard as much white sugar as you can from your life and focus on eating whole foods instead.

Treat your injuries with CBD oil. Combine avoiding sugar with natural, holistic medications and you have the recipe to succeed in life.

Go to my website to find out more.



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