Why a bully victim prefers a plant over gold

Aasmund Ryningen
3 min readJul 22, 2020


Picture this.

You’re waking up. But you don’t want to wake up. You’d rather stay in bed, sleeping in. Because, what’s waiting for you today as any other day, is school. And you hate the school. You don’t want to go. Because you’re getting bullied.

You cannot sleep at night because you’re so worried over being harassed, calling names and being mocked and ridiculed in front of the whole school. Everybody knows that you’re getting bullied. It’s like a public pillory. Your fellow classmates don’t include you. In fact, they freeze you out.

You’re never getting invited to parties.

No birthday celebrations.

At school, you’re not being picked for games.

People literally turn their backs on you for no reason.

Just because they’re offended by your presence.

Your parents are passive. They don’t do anything. Well, maybe they’ve taken a few phone calls and let the teachers know that their kid is being bullied and that it’s ‘unacceptable’.

All in all your childhood is miserable.

So, you grow up. You move away. Move to a new place. You terminate all contact with people from your past. You begin a new. Building up a new life. Eventually you meet a partner and you marry the person. You’ve now got a spouse. You have children, buy a house, get a dog and you now are fulfilled…

…or so you thought.

Because, memories from the past haunt you.

As an adult, you can’t sleep at night.

You feel stressed.

Your back is literally killing you. You’re like a nerve wreck. Never mind that you have three beautiful children that you love and that you have to take care of.

Your health isn’t good.

In fact, it has been totally destroyed and ruptured by the earlier years at school, when you were bullied.

The names they called you.

The feeling of making you seem like an imposter.

The freezing out and leaving you alone.

The feeling of being unwanted.

Your past has come back to haunt you.

And, you’ve tried it all. Talking to a shrink. Taking pills for depression. Going on various prescription drugs. But your doctors really don’t understand you. That’s right. DoctorS. Because you have seen multiple of them. And they all want to drug you down so that you feel like a zombie.

It’s like talking to a wall when you see them.

In between all the nonsense and the repeated medical jargon, all you hear is your own voice. Like an echo.

So, you’re actually left with only one thing to treat you for your physical and mental pains. Something that Mother Nature provides for you and that has no side effects. Something that isn’t developed inside a lab with the sole exception to make you addicted. Something that everybody can use.

Something green.

It’s called cannabis and has helped so many people improve their health. Both physically and mentally. Depression, insomnia, back pains, anxiety, inflammation, you name it. Cannabis can cure it all. The only thing you have to do is to take it, and you’ll see what I mean.

Because after all, your own health is more valuable than gold, right?

I mean, what do you need a bunch of gold bars for, when you’re feeling depressed, you can’t sleep at night, you have back pains and inflammation in your joints? I don’t know about you, but I’d gotten my health straight before I even considered buying gold.

And that’s why this former bully victim, a struggling family father of three kids didn’t care so much for gold as he did for buying Cannabis.

Unfortunately, he lived in a country where Cannabis was illegal.

So, he actually frequently had to book flights to go another country, get a medical passport from the authorities of that country so that he could buy the medicine he craved.

Yes, politics is a drag…

Anyway, if you recognize yourself in any of the health challenges that have been laid forth, what are you really waiting for?

Get some CBD.

Right away.

Or isn’t your health even worth that?