Why some hate taking a shower

Did you know that there are people who hate taking showers?

First of all, imagine that you’ve just finished working out. You’ve sweated a lot during this workout session. It’s dripping down from you. The floor’s all wet. You’ve really been pushing yourself to the limits this time and now all you can think of is to go and take a shower.

So you walk into the bathroom, turn on the shower and as you feel the warm water hitting your head, washing away all the sweat drops on your body you begin to feel refreshed, relaxed and everything feels just good.

That’s how it should be for most people.

But the reality is, there are many people who dislike taking showers.

In fact, some of them actually cap down on the number of showers they have to take while swearing to using adult wipes and deodorants to cope with the obvious odors that start manifesting themselves after all. How they deal with dandruff in the hair is another question. Maybe they have to wear wigs?

Anyway, some actually need a chair to put in the shower.

Or they need to ask their children to help them shower.

Some are so unlucky they don’t even have children to ask or a shower that’s big enough to fit a chair in. So they’re doomed to wipe themselves so that they don’t smell as bad. There are actually stories of people who haven’t even changed clothes in a couple of months. We’re talking about regular clothes to put on your body, but also bed clothes such as blankets and sheets.

Gross, right?

Now, what’s wrong with these people?

Why don’t they want to take a shower?

Why aren’t they looking forward to get cleansed?

What is it that’s so horrible about showering themselves?

The answer?

In one word: PAIN!

That’s right.

Intense pain in their joints. It hurts so much being subjected to sudden changes in temperature and bending their bodies in all kinds of directions. Even a task as simple as stretching their arms to wash off the soap on their backs means gruelling, burning, horrific pain.

You know the old torture device from the middle ages that was called the rack? The one where both hands and feet were chained to a bench and then the victim was stretched in both directions until their joints dislocated from their sockets?

Obviously I’m not saying that’s what’s going on when people with chronic pain disorders have to take a shower.

But it should give you a directional idea about how a lot of them feel when they have go through this gruesome nightmare.

Obviously CBD oil can’t remove odors. You’ll have to take care of that yourself. Either by the usage of adult wipes, deodorants or showers.

I personally recommend showers.

However, as far as chronic pain disorders are concerned, CBD oil has done wonders for a lot of people.

Your experience may vary though, since people’s bodies are different.

However, lest you prefer suffering through immense pain every time you have to take a shower, there’s always the option of using the Magical Marijuana Plant.

Act now.



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