Why your distraction excuses don’t work anymore

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readMay 25, 2021


Brutally honest. Let me chime in and give you the reason why.


One of the excuses I hear all the time for not getting work done is because of distractions.

Usually they come in the form of either smartphone push notifications, a phone call, someone’s favorite TV show or some other electronic device that just won’t stop making noise or flashing.

Elsewhere, and I forget who and where it was, someone once suggested to pile yourself up with so much work to be done that you didn’t have time for distractions.

Literally no time.

You didn’t even have time to visit your own emotions.

Felt bad today? OK, there’s still work to be done. Feel ‘depressed’ or sad today? Well tough luck, it’s about time you get to work. Because those reports or whatever ain’t going to write themselves.

I also believe the person argued that you should put away your cell phone for so and so many hours.

Well, that may have worked in 2008 when there hardly were any smartphones that were connected to the Internet and served as people’s workspaces.

In 2021, it’s a different animal.

The rules have changed.

You now pretty much need your cell phone right next beside you to do your job. Which means you are setting yourself up for being distracted by default.

At least if that’s how you view things.

Because you can mentally hack your brain into believing it ain’t distracted by taking some [REDACTED] and then go back into fully focusing mode.

Even when you have that little squared thingie that lights up every now and then to remind you about something important.

Just try it out for yourself.

Right here:



And that’s the reality of life in these times. Your phone is your workplace and you pretty much need to bring it with you no matter where you go. No exceptions to this.

So why not focus on getting a clearer brain?

After all, that’s what the supplement in question can do for you.

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