Worse than racism?

Aasmund Ryningen
2 min readAug 17, 2020


Let’s talk about a sensitive issue.

Discrimination. Being put in brackets. Being assumed for someone whom you might not be. Being accidentally suspected for stealing, sneaking away, not doing your job properly, because of something you cannot help and something you surely cannot change.

Yes, the racial discrimination monster is real and it’s alive in 2020.

While surely racism must be dealt with accordingly (ie. eradicated), there’s another monster than can be just as awful, just as horrible and in many ways even worse than racism. Because, we’re not talking about judging someone based on the color of their skin or how they talk and so on.


We’re talking about something so horrific, so terrible that I don’t fathom how people can do it.

Namely, discriminating because of past medical history.

Did you know that when a lot of people who apply for jobs, they have to fill out one or more forms where they have to explain pretty candid and intimate details about their medical history or their health?

They’re being forced to list if they have one of TENS of symptoms and diseases. Literally, there’s a box you can check for every single imaginable symptom that can be due to just having a bad day or a temporary flare up that you know is atypical of your body.

Which means that if you ‘qualify’ for having several of these symptoms, you may not end up getting the job because a potential future employer of course will pass you over in favor of someone who does not have all of these symptoms and thus on paper appears more qualified than you. Simply because the other, healthy person, do not have any physical or mental pain issues to deal with. Even if you on paper have all the necessary education and certifications.

Not only do you have to live a life in pain.

You also have to deal with the misery and the sorrow of not getting a job.

Because of your chronic pain situation that you cannot help.

You are being discriminated against because of the very thing you are struggling with.

Like you’re struggling with killing a monster, but the monster that you’re trying to kill creates another monster and then you’re trapped in the spiral.


Unless, you’re of course willing to do something about those symptoms.

Like taking a cure or a remedy for them.

So you won’t get passed over for Billy down the street.

Get CBD oil now. It may literally help you get a job you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten.